For The Art of Transformation

Transforma BCN will be opening their doors on the night of February 23rd, 2018, from 8 to 10 p.m. to host an incredible artistic exchange.

The event will be a space in which both the audience and the artists will be able to let go of the stress of the week and unwind through performing arts.

They will be showcasing a broad variety of talents, from improv, to spoken word, to music and theatre. It will be an international night full of good vibes, and even better talent. It will serve as a space for you to transform your inner universe into art and let go of your worries for two hours.

For The Art of Transformation, with a collaboration with For The Art of Learning – an organization with the main goal of creating spaces that provide young people with alternative outlets to learn, share different forms of expression, and practice their skills in the realms of art, technology and language.

If you are an artist, this is the space for you. If you are a listener, this is the space for you. As the poet, Nayyirah Waheed, once said, “Listening is one of the only spaces where you can be still and be moved at the same time.”

Come listen and be moved.

Come perform and move!

More info here.