The Professionals, la comèdia gestual amb més ofici

THE PROFESSIONALS is inspired by a different types of professions in our crazy society. A universal theme that allows you to inject small doses of social criticism into a spectacle that is structured in humor and gags.

THE PROFESSIONALS will also show you how difficult it is to do things right because of fear of failure and pressure from others.

Genre: Gestural humor

Recommended age: All audiences

Duration: 60 minutes


Dramaturgy and direction: Javi Bañasco


Gerard Flores

Laura Pérez

Sergi Príncep

Sound: Jota Fernández and Javi Bañasco

Lighting: Jordi Llorens

Cloth and props: Caterina Bonet

Scenic space: Javi Bañasco

Stage design construction: Carlos Juan Torres

Get help and direction: Arnau Lobo

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