Clases de cocina sostenible: Pizza minimizando residuos

This workshop is for everybody who wants to learn how to prepare a sourdough pizza from scratch.

The workshop will have both theoretical and practical components, where they will even explain to you which flours to use, how to buy ingredients in a sustainable way, how to use as less as plastic as possible and of course, the cooking times and other tips so you can come up with your very own delicious pizza!

They will also show you how to make a special sauce with some homemade ricotta cheese to up your pizza game!

The class will be lead by  Alberto (Italian) and Ella (Australian) of Bear on Bike. With a focus on “slow food”, they only use local, seasonal and organic ingredients, and work towards a no-waste kitchen.

The price includes the material, food, wine and a pizza kit with the starter and the sourdough, so you can start experimenting at home, and apply what you’ve learned!

Price: 30€ per person

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